Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great opportunity to advertise in front of gainfully employed consumers..

I have a breakthrough method of you reaching a dedicated demographic.. PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE JOBS.. my Company is called Double takeDVD.We are a self service kiosk business (Like red box) except we have all of our machines inside fortune 500 companies in San Francisco.. Our first client we acquired and still have (we are the only company in San Francisco allowed in the building) is world respected corporation Genentech Biotechnology company in Beautiful South San Francisco.. our second acquisition was Virgin America airlines corporate office located also on the peninsula.. We get your product or service in front of over 10,000 employees. Very great idea in this time where most advertising agents can't tell you how many people that see or hear your ad are employed!! If i put a Ad out that is free or otherwise i would sure like to know my target demographic. We offer many forms of getting your product in front of the these gainfully employed consumers. But the most effective way is our 32 inch high definition signage screen. You can run your ad or commercial with style it's eye catching and vivid detail will leave an impression on any one who looks.. We also make it to where you can put your logo or business name on the back screen of our machines giving you more added exposure.. We offer excellent prices for you. And guarantee exposure to this many potential consumers.. Our 32in High Definition Digital Signage offers serious consumer retention! The brightness level of our 32 inch HD digital screen would allow your business message to be memorable and clearly seen, leaving a lasting impression! It offers maximum exposure as it captives and demands the consumer's attention to keep your business on top of their mind throughout the day. Let us get your business or service before people that are not impacted by this economy because they are sustained and gainfully employed. Any questions concerning this unique opportunity please contact me at company website is :