Thursday, June 9, 2011


I started off breaking doing my thang on fisherman's wharf in the city of San Francisco. That style wasn't me tho i always had a knack for hittin my moves to the beat.. Not like every one doesn't hear the beat and cant hold it.. No what I'm talking about is hearing multiple sounds not just the kick or bass . I'm talking minute sounds that help me tell my story. Because as one grows in wisdom.... the dance for me always was warrior driven. Never on the flashy glamorous tip.It is a war cry and it is a force to reckon with.Never was it happy.. this clip shows my completion of a warrior style i created for five years.. i started back dancing after stopping in 1993 in 2004. I have over 7 styles of dance that i mastered! House,Bboy,struttin,poppin,footwork,my warrior style and Hip Hop
House style has foundations such as jacking,footwork,stomping,skating.. Thats just simple moves. The challenge then becomes making a style your own. Every serious dancer i know has their own style its like a fingerprint or something for real.