Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have been dancing all my life but house dancing since 1991. I feel deep house best motivates me to flow the smoothest. My crew is House Shoes we are based in the Bay Area Ca, I have been very influential here in the bay area from the times i went by the name "KENOBY" to the here and now i will continue to teach those that want to be taught and spread my little contribution to this thing we all love HOUSE DANCE!
House shoes is a collective of all nationalities right now represented in RICHMOND,FRISCO,OAKLAND- AND EVERY WHERE IN BETWEEN IN The bay area,such is the diversity of the bay area with many cultures its only right THE FOUNDATION houseshoes reflects that aswell We want to open houseshoes schools and workshops all around the world my people in South America mainly BRAZIL bring houseshoes you are An inspiration to me caipoera, the crazy footwork! my people in europe i must say you are the catalyst that never stopped and got me back into my soul JAPAN, CHINA KOREA AFRICA ESTONIA NORWAY SWEDEN GERMANY POLAND ALL have a part in HOUSESHOES.. when i dance Its WARRIOR STRICTLY WARRIOR STYLE YOU KNO? i don't play and when i get in that drum trance i feel my peoples pain THE SPIRIT our struggle! i share my resolve with my many people around the globe who know that the negative and positive forces we feel can be delegated thru dance WARRIOR!!!!!