Thursday, August 7, 2008


House music started in chicago (the chi)in the late 70's after the disco craze at a venue called "the warehouse" It has spread since then across the entire globe it has sprouted a slew of genres in itself Deep house, Drum and base, Trance, Techno, to name a few.

At it's core is almost always a steady thump ex. boom boom boom, and so forth my personal favorite form of house is Deep house for it's African undertones and spiritual connection it permeates.

While this blog is about all forms of music Hip Hop, Soul, and House i will more or less bring you the best of the best as it pertains to Deep House. I will give you venues that rock as well as the best Dj's around the world who employ house as their own.

I also will bring you the best of the best of house dancers like myself and a host of others who inspired me. Also this a Hip Hop and soul blog too i will give you my take on what i like (I have great taste when it comes to music) so sit back and enjoy this will be a memorable experience.

House dance in it self existed before "house music" because of the all the different dance styles house incorporates.House dance has been debatingly broken down in 3 styles: Footwork, Jacking, and Lofting. It includes a variety of techniques and sub-styles that include skating, stomping, and shuffling. It also incorporates movements from many other sources such as whacking, voguing, Capoeira, tap, and Latin dances such as salsa. A wide variety of the movements came from jazz and bebop styles and even from African and Latin descent.

One of the primary elements in house dancing is a technique that came from Chicago that involves moving the torso forward and backward in a rippling motion, as if a wave were passing through it. When this movement is repeated and sped up to match the beat of a song it is called jacking, or "the jack." All footwork in house dancing is said to initiate from the way the jack moves the center of gravity through space.

In house dancing there is an emphasis on the subtle rhythms and riffs of the music, and the footwork follows them closely. This is one of the main features that distinguishes house dancing from dancing that was done to disco before house emerged, and current dancing that is done to techno as part of the rave culture.